This is a song by Ween, from the album 12 Golden Country Greats.

A slow, slightly drunk-sounding song that really could pass for "country" if it wasn't full of typical Ween lyrics. They've got the backup singers and instruments and everything, but the lyrics prove they're not really country in their brains.

i'm breathin' (breathin')
the fumes of the grid
that rid my lobe of oxygen

i'm climbin' (climbin')
the walls to where good and evil
make amends

i'm trippin'
writhin' and squealin', pukin'
lookin' for someone like you

and i'm holdin'
somethin' more precious than fine ore, baby
i'm holdin' you

That's right, something more precious than fine ore. (All the little bits with parentheses around them are sung by the drunk-sounding backup singers.) This being the first song on the album, a long-time Ween fan does a double-take, saying, THAT'S Ween?? Then again, on their album Chocolate and Cheese, the first five songs sound like they're by five different bands, so it is hardly surprising that they are this versatile. But still . . . country was a big step for them. Nice introduction to a departure album.

This song is © 1996 by Ween, Elektra Records.

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