A slur against Jews, made popular by a notorious 1984 remark wherein the Rev. Jesse Jackson referred to Jews as "hymies" and to New York City as Hymietown due to its high Jewish population. The remark was made by Jackson to Milton Coleman, an African-American reporter with the Washington Post. Jackson assumed that because of their "racial bond" the slur would not be printed, but the Post later included them buried in a separate article about Jackson's relations with American Jews. An outcry of protest followed, as Jackson accused the Jews of conspiring to bring him down. On a national radio program, Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam warned listeners not to mess with Jesse Jackson, making a vague death threat against those who dared to.

The remark fueled already-hot fires between Jackson and the Jewish populace in America, brought to light his professional relationship with Farrakhan, and all but obliterated his chances of becoming elected to any prominent political office.

Also a highly talented robot on the TV show Get Smart, perhaps co-creator Mel Brooks's trademark Jewish joke. Hymie was very intelligent, but sometimes had existential crises. In a track and field competition, Hymie cleared a high jump bar at nine feet from a standing start, while wearing a business suit.

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