The best of anti-rock since 1997

Hush Records is a small, independent record label based out of the Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland, Oregon.

Primarily releasing neo-folk and home-spun electronica acts, the label was started in 1998 on the strength of founder Chad Crouch's home recordings with his band Blanket Music.

The label was originally produced entirely on Chad's Mac, recorded and mastered in his home and released on the still-nascent technology of CD-R, all using his Apple. Currently, Hush Records hosts 15 bands on it's roster, most prominently The Decemberists. Many of the label's releases are still produced in Chad's basement studio, though many others are now recorded in a professional studio.

Hush's Roster is:

Amy Annelle
Blanket Music
Bobby Birdman
The Decemberists
Jeff London
Kind of Like Spitting
Kaitlyn Ni Donovan
Noise for Pretend
Norfolk and Western
The Operacycle
The Places
Corrina Repp

The quickest way to experience the Hush Records "sound" is to obtain a copy of Flag or Mute, both of which are samplers released by Hush, and both of which are very representative of the label.

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