John Cassavetes movie made in 1969 and 1970, released by Columbia Pictures in 1970. Starring Cassavetes, Ben Gazarra, and Peter Falk.

It involved three friends in their 40's, and them coping with their friends' death and as a result reevaluating their own lives and their own life choices. Their weekend alternates between drunken revelry and trying to figure out what's been lost or missed in their lives. When they go back to their families and their jobs, they feel different than before - even more lost, and eventually they agree upon taking a spur of the moment trip to London, until two of them decide to return a few days later, after this new life is less than they expected it to be.

When I first saw this movie I was pretty amazed. I mean, I've had movies keep me fixated on them going solely on dialogue, and I had loved Faces and the way that movie was made, but the way characters were portrayed made everything come out a lot better. It made it seem like These are Real People. Nothing was sugar-coated, or pretentious, or held back. Some people see it as misognyist, but I don't see it that way at all. No more or less than Fight Club supposedly was. Like Fight Club, Husbands involves the last gasps of a need for change in a man's life. Unlike Fight Cub, the analysis and end results are a lot more humane, a bit more plausible, and a lot less external.

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