The original play on which Hurly Burly was based was written by David Rabe. The film was directed by Anthony Drazan, filmed by Changwei Gu, and produced by Anthony Drazan, Richard N. Gladstein and David S. Hamburger.

The Cast:

CharacterPortrayed by
EddieSean Penn
MickeyKevin Spacey
DarleneRobin Wright Penn
PhilChazz Palminteri
ArtieGarry Shandling
DonnaAnna Paquin
BonnieMeg Ryan

I liked it well enough. However, my friend with whom I watched it found it quite dull, and left ⅔-way through. There is a lot of drug use, and a lot of conversation about sexual politics, human nature, and feelings.

I provide an excerpt from the film. A good monologue. A spoiler, if you will:

On the verge of tears, Eddie takes a sniff of cocaine from between his fingers
Eddie: They call 'em weapons of mass destruction but - they're not... They're very, very selective - chemical weapons are very careful about what they destroy... They annihilate people... and preserve things. They LOVE things. You and I would be dead - gas puke gone - where as, you know, other, earlier, you know older people - the ancients - could look to the heavens, which in their minds was inhabited by this thoughtful, meditative, you know, - maybe a trifle unpredictable and wrathful but nevertheless - up there. This divine onlooker. We've got anchorpersons and talking heads, we've got politicians who decide life and death issues on the basis of their.. media concerns... That's .. what we've got!
Eddie sobs, then hurries to the edge of the railing to throw up

Bonnie (soberly): Boy, Eddie! I'm gonna need a magnifying glass to find what's left of your good points. What is going on with you?

Eddie pulls a chair next to her and sits, crying
Eddie (pleadingly): Suck my dick

Bonnie: Aw, come on I'm being serious here. I thought you had this girlfriend and it was this, significant, you know, mutually fullfilling, bla bla bla relationship.

Eddie: Things have taken a turn for the worst, that's all. Suck my dick.

Bonnie: Like what?

Eddie: She doesn't love me.

Bonnie: Who?

Eddie: My GIRLfriend.

Bonnie: Whaddayoumean...

Eddie: Whaddayoumean "what do I mean?" My girlfriend doesn't love me.

Bonnie: Oh, sure she does.

Eddie: Nooo....

Bonnie: Why?

Eddie: I don't know but, she doesn't.

Bonnie: Are you sure?

Eddie: Bonnie...

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