A group of spiders of the family Sparassidae. The most common is -- not surprisingly -- the common huntsman (Sparassidae Isopoda).

They are on the large side; getting up to 60 millimetres in size. Usually, their front pair of legs is bigger than their back pair. They also have front palps, close to their fangs. The main thing about them is that they are extremely hairy.

Given their size and hairiness, they end up looking like a really vicious and dangerous spider; when in fact they are actually quite timid; when in fact the more dangerous and venemous spiders (such as the redback or black widow) sometimes don't look dangerous at all. They can also move extremely fast, and are likely to run away. I had a friend who had a common huntsman living in his car, almost like a pet for about a year. He'd introduce us to it if he saw it.

They're not web builders; though they can produce web thread. Like most spiders, they live on insects.

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