American mountain man and survivor. In 1823, he was mauled by a grizzly bear and seriously injured. Andrew Henry, who was in charge of Glass' expedition, asked for two volunteers to stay behind to give Glass a decent burial. John Fitzgerald and Jim Bridger agreed to stay. However, the two men abandoned Glass, taking his rifle with them. It's belived that they either thought he was dead or were fleeing some sort of danger.

Glass, however, was not dead. He dragged himself to a nearby spring, where he ate wild cherries and buffalo berries for more than a week. Then, with only a razor for a weapon, he staggered off toward Fort Kiowa on the Missouri River, 200 miles away.

At first, Glass was only able to cover a mile a day. He found a pack of wolves with a freshly killed buffalo calf. He drove the wolves away by setting fire to the grass, then ate as much of the buffalo as he could. Finally, after weeks of slow travel, he reached the safety of Fort Kiowa.

After learning that Andrew Henry was building a fort on the Big Horn River, Glass started off for Yellowstone to find the men who had abandoned him. He found and forgave Jim Bridger, then caught up with John Fitzgerald at Fort Atkinson. Glass demanded his rifle back, then berated Fitzgerald, saying, "Settle the matter with your own conscience and your God!"

Glass died ten years later at the hands of Arikara Indians.

Research from "GURPS Old West" by Ann Dupuis, Liz Tornabene, Lynda Manning-Schwartz, and Rob Smith, published by Steve Jackson Games, 1991, p. 101.

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