Huddle House is a very strange place, it's almost like the Bizzaro Waffle House. It was founded in Atlanta, GA in 1964 (a short 9 years after the first Waffle House Atlanta). The signs are even the same, except the Huddle House sign is orange instead of yellow. The menus are pretty much the same, the restaurants pretty much look identical with hard benches and an open counter, only the colors are a bit different. From my experience having eaten at both several times, the food pretty much tastes the same. I find eating at Huddle House a very frightening experience, as it's almost like eating at Waffle House, but not quite...

Two major differences exist between Huddle House and Waffle House. A Waffle House always uses the pen and ink style of paperwork, while most Huddle Houses are digitized. Secondly, Huddle House has a deep fat fryer, which allows for the addition of a spectacular number of menu items, namely french fries.

- Robert Goddam

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