In a time when many teens are suffering from low self esteem and peer pressure, conformity is starting to spread more rapidly than ever. Many kids are buying designer clothes to fit into cliques. People in these groups are very concerned about how they look and act and do what they can to be accepted. It's become a bit of a problem, in some cases, as girls and boys are going to extremes to fit the ideals imposed by their groups, such as starving themselves in order to be thin and attractive. In a recent beauty magazine, over three quarters of respondents to a survey, most of whom were teenage girls, said they felt poorly about their appearance. To these unhappy conformists, I suggest another way of acting: Become a nonconformist.

First off, we all know the persona of someone is established with the way they dress. Instead of going out and buying brand name clothes like those you see stars wear on television, make sure you only buy clothes second hand or from lesser-known stores. Make sure you don't accidentally purchase something with a label of the Gap or something equally mainstream, as that would be against the rules of nonconformity and might make fellow nonconformists think less of you. If you happen to like mainstream clothing labels or styles, you're just going to have to suck it up and forget about them, as they're just not acceptable.

Another way good nonconformists reveal themselves is through their choice of music. It is most appropriate to listen to lesser-known or rebellious bands, but at the very least don't listen to pop music. Make sure of this, otherwise you might inadvertently become mainstream, and that would be a terrible occurrence. Choice in music, is almost as important as choice in dress, as you can decorate your clothing with patches consisting of the names of your favourite bands, showing them off to all who look, especially to those who, heaven forbid, like pop music. It's a good way to show that you're against them and see their music as inferior, which it is.

If you follow my advice, you will be happier and will find yourself in a better social standing. You'll be accepted by the other nonconformists and will find in them a group of people who are striving for the same thing you are: To be different! Express yourself, but make sure your opinions are those of a nonconformist, one striving to be different from the rest. As a last note, make sure you make fun of the "ditzes" and "preps" as their opinions are so very inferior to yours, because they're so blatantly trying to fit in.

* I will note that this is satire - not to be taken seriously.

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