This is a completly serious tutorial. It's not some joke about buddhism or anything like that.

There may be other techniques to clap with one hand, but this is the only that I have ever heard about, attempted, or achieved. The basic premise is to relax your hand and let the last two joints (everything past your knuckles) relax as you whip your hand back and forth, making your fingers smack your palm just enough to make a noise.

First start with your dominant hand. If you are right handed it is more difficult in my experience to clap with your left hand. Get one hand going, then the other, and then finally you can do the double and make good at parties, get the chicks, and rule the world. Doing it right the first time is pretty rare, so you need to work up to it a bit. Start by trying to make noise by just closing your hand quickly and not clenching them into a fist. This works OK but not near as well as the technique previously described. Then, try to combine that with some momentum from your hand. Try to whip your hand around slightly and close your hand with some extra force behind it. When you have that down try the actual act of whipping your hand back and forth. Remember to keep your fingers as relaxed as possible and don't try to create force with anything except for your wrist. You should start making some contact right away, and with a little practice and experience you will be a one hand clapping fool!

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