This is too strange to really not be true. I was at the grand opening of an animation studio in my area. As with any artsy function, you have your share of kooks. There was this egotistical scruffy-looking kooky guy in his middle to late thirties who claimed to have worked on Xena, Blade, and a pile of other Films / shows. He told lots of (what i thought were) whoppers, but i did pull one amusing anecdote from this...How Liquid Paper Invented the Local News.

So the conversation was rather dull with this guy, as i was wandering in and out of the circle he was in. I pop in for a bit, and the topic is musical artists that are a creation of the media. Somone brought up the Monkies...

Please note in the upcoming section K is for Kook, C is for crowd, and J is for author's thoughts / fears

k: Don't get me started on Nesmith man... You don't want me to get started on Nesmith... That's a 30 minute talk right there in it's short version

j: (Afraid... very very afraid)

c: Can you give us the short version?

k: Sure, but i could go on for a while! Like how Liquid Paper is responsible for Network TV? Who invented Liquid Paper?

c: Mrs. Nesmith!

j: (Oh no, you got him started on Nesmith)

k: Right! Peter's mom.(with that kook look in his eyes). She made a lot of money from the liquid paper sales. You know what he did! He made a movie out of video!

j: (*gasp*)

k: Now, at the time, video was 3 times as expensive as film, and he went around recording things with his camera that people did, and then played it back on local television that night. And that was the inspiration for the local news!

The kook was at this point, triumphant and more full of himself than he was 5 minutes ago. I just left very disturbed that someone "Got him started on Nesmith"...

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