In the Society for Creative Anachronism, a "House" is a semiofficial association of individual SCA members. "Houses" are like small clubs or sub-organizations within the SCA; each tends to have its own theme involving the time period and region from which its members' SCA personas originate. Each House also tends to perform or be involved in a specific kind of activity -- some Houses specialize in brewing, cooking or craftwork; others specialize in the SCA war games -- heavy fighting, light fighting, archery and so on.

Here are a few sample houses, ones that I have dealt with here in the Kingdom of An Tir:

Not all houses in the SCA are based around themes and activities. Sometimes all the members share in common is the desire to camp and event together. (This is not to be laughed at, it's very helpful when you forget your corkscrew, or run out of propane for your stove.)

Contrary to what seems to be a common belief, secret passwords, common dress or activities, or shared styles are not needed to form a household. (It's said in the SCA that a household is any gathering of people who claim they are one.)

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