A rather famous music shop in Rochester, NY. They've been in business for quite a long time and boast a huge arsenal of guitars, amps, albums, and various other items associated with rock 'n roll. If you're really into music (playing or listening), I strongly suggest a visit. Incredibly good prices on guitars for us cheap college bastards. Also, rummaging through their CDs is fun when trying to find a particular one. The store chooses a method of storage for inventory similar to that found in a landfill. Leads one to find a bunch of CDs that you didn't know you wanted before actually finding your original selection.

Their legacy for the uninitiated would have to be the commercials they've been running since the early 80's (they haven't done any newer ones). The commercials are a cross between early MTV videos, car dealership commercials, and acid trip. For instance - in one, the owner wears a bunny ear-bonnet, and hops in the store, while the camera zooms in and out and someone repeatedly says "hop, hop."

House of Guitars
645 Titus Ave.
Rochester, NY 14627

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