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Some information on Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is a small city that located in the South of China. Hong Kong used to be a British colony until the year 1997, it's been handed back to China. Hong Kong is a very dense area, almost every building is up to 20 stories and residential buildings are even up to 40 stories. It is a place where you can hardly find the sky and trees.

Hongkies / Hongkongese / Hongkonger

The term Hongkongese refer to people who originate from Hong Kong, they have their Hong Kong ID cards or have lived in Hong Kong for a very long period of time. After being a British colony for almost a hundred years, it's hard for some of these Hong Kong residents to adopt this sudden change of identity. So these Hong Kong residents refer themselves as Hongkongese or Hong Kong People instead of Chinese, in order to distinguish themselves from mainland China residents. The terms Honkies and Hongkonger are more often used by people in Western countries and English native speakers to refer these Hong Kong residents.

Ways to identify Hongkies

- They pretend they understand Mandarin because they speak Cantonese.
- They can sing karaoke for up to 6 hours
- They have a lot of famous high-end brand items
- They are experts of Mahjong and 15-20
- They like to compare prices and say it's cheaper in Hong Kong
- They like to complain the Chinese food in other countries is not good enough
- They have many credit cards but only a little cash in wallet
- They use the latest mobile phones
- They sometimes talk with each other with confusing English, e.g. Did you just inch me?
- They have a Octopus Card
- They know who is Edison Chen

Hongkies lifestyle

- They can have lunch and dinner in Karaoke
- They can go to the same shopping centers everyday
- They can spend 6 hours in a cafe with friends
- They watch every new movie even they don't like it
- They stock up cup noodles and instant noodles at home
- They like to call people nerd or Otaku, even they are one
- They like to collect toys from McDonald Happy Meal
- They have hair cut once a month or 2
- They like to bargain on everything
- They are Shopaholic when they are back to Hong Kong
- Their best friend is BT (BitTorrent)

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