Honey Ryder is the lead female character in the first James Bond, 007 movie, "Dr. No". She is the daughter of a marine zoologist who was killed by Dr. No. She received no formal education as a child, since she traveled the world with her father. Therefore, Honey appears to be naturally innocent to Bond. She serves as a counterpoint to Bond's worldly sophistication.

However, she's not totally innocent to violence. In an earlier episode of her life, her landlord tried to rape her. She responded by placing a black widow spider underneath his mosquito net. Take that!

Honey Ryder's introduction in the movie is one of the most well known of all the Bond movies. She emerges from the sea, wearing only a small white bikini with a hunting knife tucked in one end singing "Underneath the Mango Tree."

She was played by Ursula Andress. Andress' rise to success can partly be credited to a picture of her in a man's wet t-shirt which somehow got into the hands of the casting agents. She also stared in Four For Texas with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, Fun in Acapulco with Elvis Presley, and What's New, Pussycat? with Peter O'Toole.

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