Homosmurfuality is the reciprosmurfed smurfual attraction of one Smurf for another Smurf. Let's smurf facts here, we don't even really smurf whether the little blue guys have "little blue guys" of their own, so talking about Smurf sexual orientation usually devolves into tawdry fantasies of Smurfette-centered gangbangs. But remember, Smurfette was the first ever female smurf, so despite the "male" Smurf's fascination (and apparent infatuation, even) with her, there's no cultural or biological condition smurfing such an outcome. Heck, maybe they were fascinated with the blue-skinned blonde because she was different at all!! It is also not at clear how Smurfette was biologically decked out, and all smurfs being magical beings there may not even be a need for any of them (male or female in behavior) to have either reproductive organs or even waste evacuation systems. So Smurfette wears a dress covering her top, while all the other smurfs run around topless, it doesn't mean there was anything there to cover!!

So, even if the smurfs are homosmurfual, this doesn't mean they're running around smurfing each other up the smurf (if they even have a smurf to smurf each other up), or that they're giving each other deep smurf. Oh no, no no, not at all. The smurfs could be paragons of platonic love, embodying the concept that all men are brothers having a filial sense of affection for one another. In summary, there is nothing wrong with homosmurfual love, and any two smurfs should be permitted to join in a smurfal union. It's only fairness after all, since all they've got is each other.

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