Hojo Tokimasa, born in 1138, was the first of many Hojo shikken (regents). Tokimasa was father to the famous Hojo Masako, who had aided him during his reign as regent.

The Hojo clan came into power after the last Minamoto clan leader, Minamoto Yorimoto, who had married Tokimasa's daughter against his wishes, died in 1199. Tokimasa continued to rule until 1215, when he passed away. Taking over for him as regent was Tokimasa's youngest son, Hojo Yasutoki.

The Hojo line continued prominence until 1333, when Go-Daigo, and Ashikaga Takauji led their forces against the current Kamakura shogunate. While the Hojo clan was in power, they were known for their organization of feudal laws, their encouragement of Zen Buddhism, and their attempts to fend off Mongol forces.


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