The boss of the Easton kingdom (World 3) in Super Mario Land. Hiyoihoi's the toughest boss in the game. It evolved from a Tokotoko and throws Ganchans in an attempt to crush Mario.

Hiyoihoi is one of the 3 Moai-like enemies in Super Mario Land. The other two are Batadon and Tokotoko.

Defeating Hiyoihoi:
If you're Superball Mario, you can defeat Hiyoihoi by avoiding the Ganchans and hitting him with 10 superballs.
If you're Super Mario you'll either have to jump over Hiyoihoi or try to avoid him since you can't defeat him by jumping on him
If you're regular Mario, you have no choice but to try to jump under or over Hiyoihoi.

Hiyoihoi is worth 5000 points.

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