Hirakata is situated exactly halfway between Osaka and Kyoto on the Keihan Railway and is home to Kansai Gaidai which is short for Kansai Gaikokugo Daigaku meaning the Kansai university of foreign language studies.

About 400 foreigners go to KG every Semester and they offer a wide range of Language courses for the beginner and even the expert. If you get good enough they will put you in with the Japanese Students.

The City is quite small compared to the ones around it, but there are a lot of shopping centers and department stores. The Station has a Kiddyland store underneath it and the Vivre department store is perfect for younger people.

There are several English schools such as Aeon and two NOVA schools where people can work and as always there is a high demand for personal tutors, especially seeing as though the locals know about the high ratio of gaijin.

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