Hinton Battle - Broadway, Buffy & Beyond

Hinton Battle is the only living person to hold 3 Tony Awards. A talented tap dancer, singer and all around Broadway baby, Hinton got his start on Broadway in The Wiz.

I first became intrigued by this gentleman's talent when I saw him in Once More, With Feeling(aka Buffy: The Musical). He played the demon that was creating havoc in Sunnydale by making all the residents burst into song.

A jack of all trades, Mr. Battle has his hand in a little bit of everything entertainment. Writing, producing, choreographing the Oscars, teaching dance. He's played alongside some of the greats over the years, yet his isn't quite yet a household name.

In an interview with Jeremy Baumann of Joshua Tree, California, Hinton revealed that he is no longer tap dancing. It would seem that after the struggle of Tap Dance Kid, he felt it was a good place to lay to rest his tap shoes. Tap Dance Kid ran for 3 years on Broadway and won several Tony Awards, but was a hard run.

Hinton currently lives in California with his dog Tama and is adjusting to the change over New York. His age is unknown.

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