An Australian hip-hop group, comprised of MCs "Pressure", "Suffa" and "DJ Debris". Formed and based in Adelaide, South Australia, They are among the most successful Australian hip-hop groups. While they have been influenced by several american artists, they rap with their naturally Australian accents.

Pressure and Suffa met while attending Blackwood High School, and DJ Debris, formerly the producer, replaced "DJ Next" when Next moved to Sydney to pursue a different career path.

They have currently released 6 albums; "Back Once Again" (1997), "A Matter of Time" (1999), "Left Foot, Right Foot" (2001), "The Calling" (2003), "The Hard Road" (2006), and "The Hard Road: Restrung".

They have acheived platinum seccess with their album "The Calling", been featured in the "Triple J Hottest 100, 2003", performed at many prestigous music festivals, Won the "J award", been nominated for Five ARIA awards and won two, and have recently secured five places in the "Triple J Hottest 100, 2007" (one less than the record held by Wolfmother from 2006).

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