Daughter of the Great Bear, Hida Kisada of The Crab Clan in the CCG and RPG setting of Legend of the Five Rings. Also known as the Hammer of Hida and is famous as being a bully. Surrounded on the Kaiu Wall by strong samurai, especially her father and her brother Hida Yakamo, she was never hesitant to prove her superiority to any samurai. As by her namesake, her favorite weapon is her hammer, which in the CCG has its own card.

She married Shinjo Yasamura of The Unicorn Clan, who won this honor by winning a tournament for her hand. In turn, many viewed him being the wife rather than being the husband, and he even took her name and became Hida Yasamura. Together, they had two strong children, Hida Kuroda and Hida Kuon.

After Hida Yakamo became the Lord Sun, she became The Crab Clan champion. Afterwards, Hida Yasamura was killed, and herself was killed by The Crane Clan Champion, Doji Kurohito. Succeeding her will expected to be Hida Kuroda.

In the CCG, her dominance and power over other samurai is demonstrated by being a combat monster. She changes duels into duels of force rather than chi, changing fear to affect personalities, and even getting more powerful in the presence of weaker opponents. Even from her first incarnation, she's always been known as The Crab Clan bully, even in her death.

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