Former Crab Clan champion and Daimyo from the Legend of the Five Rings collectable card game and role playing game. Also known as the Great Bear, his courage and warrior spirit was known throughout Rokugan, even before the Day of Thunder. He had three children, Hida Yakamo, Hida O-Ushi and Hida Sukune, all fine Crab Clan samurai, but in totally different ways.

Story wise, he led the Crab Clan in their duty and honor by example. He always wore his battle armor at all times, and stood on the Great Wall of Kaiu as much as possible, to inspire his warriors to new heights of personal honor and warrior spirit.

He has led the Crab Clan into battle many times, and even decided the outcome of the event known as the Scorpion Clan Coup, by siding with the other clans instead of the impromptu emperor Bayushi Shoju, the Scorpion Clan Champion].

But later on, due to the events leading to the Day of Thunder and the misconceptions that he was led to believe by Bayushi Kachiko, mistress of the Scorpion Clan and the Empress to Hantei XXXIX, he decided that the empire of Rokugan would be better lead by someone who was stronger than Hantei XXXIX.

He did not have the proper forces to take over the empire, so he struck a deal with the enemy he has fought all his life, the Shadowlands horde. He made the deal through Kuni Yori, a shugenja who later became corrupted by the Black Scrolls, and an oni that he fought at a previous battle. To seal the deal, he even made a blood pact with his son and the oni, as the oni later became known as Yakamo no Oni.

He first tried to prevent the major clans from tearing the empire apart by securing a major strategic point in the empire called Beiden Pass. When his son failed, even with the reinforcements later arriving in the form of Hida Yakamo and his human and Shadowlands, he restrategized his attack on Otosan Uchi, the imperial capital. Instead, he invested with the Mantis Clan and attacked from the sea.

He encountered resistance in the form of the Lion Clan, but thanks to the help of Bayushi Kachiko, the lion were routed as a result of the imperial decree that their leader, Matsu Tsuko could not fight with them. Finally, they reached the palace and he and Hida Yakamo faced and gave the emperor the ultimatum of leaving the throne or be forced off by force.

The emperor was not the emperor that he expected. As a result of the opening of the twelve Black Scrolls, the emperor's frail body was taken over by the evil Kami, Fu Leng. In a futile battle, Kisada was struck down by Fu Leng using the imperial family sword, The Ancestral Sword of the Hantei. Hida Yakamo carried his father out, and after the attack, Kisada grew old and allowed his son to become the champion of the Crab Clan. He later died, and is still known for his battle excellence and warrior spirit.

In the card game, he has one of the largest force values in the game, and is a monster in combat. His inexperienced version can effectively replicate the effects of Deadly Ground and end the battle. While bowing a 8 force personality may seem excessive, if used well, it is a deadly card on its own.

His normal card is different and gives more variability. In the storyline, he wears the Armor of the Shadow Warrior, and it shows in this version of the card. His battle unit cannot be the target of shugenja innate abilities and spells. He is still a massive 8 force, a decent 4 chi, and even shows his ability to duel, with the ability of Double Chi. Many consider this the better version of Kisada, but is more expensive gold wise.

He also has other cards based on himself such as Kisada Sensei, Kisada's Funeral, Kisada's Blockade, and an ancestor version of himself, Shiryo no Kisada.

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