Due to success of the exorcism industry, very few places are haunted in the city of Metropolis. This infernal diaspora has begun to cause a myriad of other problems as the ghosts have found refuge in quotidian trivialities. It did not take long for the Metropolites to realize that days of the week were becoming haunted. This led to a panic, inciting the ever-reactionary city government to outlaw Thursdays, stitching Wednesday and Friday together like two halves of a wound. This continued gentrification of all of the parts of city life has led to the final, bizarre stroke: certain words are now haunted.

The word pituitary infests with all manner of demons and fainting spells, and one would be advised to only utter the word fantasia while wearing a bullet-proof vest. Darcy St. Claire used the word estuary at a party and died on the spot. The coroner determined that she must have been hit by a large, fast-moving object, such were the nature of her contusions. There is no known method for combatting this new kind of haunting.

- The Metropolis Reader

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