Composer born 1933 in Poland and still living today. Barely known outside of his native land until after Pope John Paul II's 1981 visit. At that time he composed a choral piece called "Miserere" and he started to be discovered. His lack of fame is due in part to the fact that he lived behind the Iron Curtain, but also because he rarely leaves his home in Katowice.

His best known work in the United States and Britian is his Symphony No. 3, Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, a slow work in commemoration of the start of World War II. It was composed during the last three months of 1976. It got a lot of airplay on classical stations during the years 1989-1992.

Also well known are the Totus Tuus (I dedicate myself), Beatus Vir (Blessed is the man) and Old Polish Music. These works show his dedication to religious music.

And yes, Lamb was inspired by Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, and gave their magnum opus his name.

Editor's note: Henryk Górecki died November 12, 2010, aged 76 years.

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