Hendrik Albert Viktor Möbus, 24, is one of the founding members of the German National Socialist Black Metal band -- Absurd, who now sits in jail after failing to comply with the provisions of his parole. He was originally incarcerated in 1993 for the April 29 murder of Sandro Beyer, a 14-year old whom the band have crossed-paths with in an altercation that took place at Sonderhausen, East Germany. Apparently, Möbus and two other cohorts were able to lure Beyer inside a cabin (which was owned by Möbus' father) wherein they strangled and stabbed him repeatedly. One of Möbus' associates decided that there was no way Beyer wasn't going to snitch once they found out that he has a stab wound on his chest, so they offed him on the spot by strangling him with an electrical cord.

Möbus was sentenced to eight years in a juvenile facility, and just like his mentor Varg Vikernes (aka. Count Grisnakh) of Burzum, he was allowed to produce, record, and play music on his cell. His music was more political than ever and is quite popular in the German neo-nazi circles. He was once asked if he regrets killing Beyer and he responded by saying: "Every passing second a human dies, so there’s no need to make a big fuss of this one kill." He also stays in contact with Varg whom he regards as a "superior personality", and even plans on participating on any attempt to free him.

He was eventually released for parole in August 1998 after serving a total of 5 years and 4 months of his sentence. After his release, he immediately went back to extreme politics and became the head of the Heathen Front (German branch). He also worked on a black metal record label called Darker Than Black Records and pushed for the release of his labels' albums over the United States and other foreign countries which bans music that contains neo-nazi sentiments.

The following year July 1999, Möbus was handed an 8 month sentence and his parole priviledges were revoked, eventhough he wasn't captured yet. Three months later, police raided the Darker Than Black Records headquarters along with another place which were proven to be distributing pro-nazi propaganda. The raid lead to the immediate shut down of Darker Than Black.

Later that same year, Möbus' sentence was increased to an 18-month term after the courts found out about the disparaging remarks he made about Beyer on the book -- Lords Of Chaos: The Bloody Rise Of The Satanic Metal Underground. Möbus didn't give up on Darker Than Black, enlisting the aid of Texas-based distributors Bestial Offerings and Ancestral Research Records to distribute some of the labels' albums over American soil.

Möbus was finally arrested on August 26, 2000 at Hillsboro, West Virginia via an international arrest warrant issued by the German government. Apparently, Möbus violated the terms of his parole by performing the sig heil salute (strictly prohibited in Germany) and for making tasteless comments directed to Beyer on Lords Of Chaos as mentioned earlier. He was also charged for organizing radical groups, promoting pro-nazi material, and eluding his arrest. As of this writing, Möbus is currently serving the remaining seven months of his sentence and producing what he dubs as hatecore music inside the confines of his own cell.

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