also known as the Switzerland confederation, the Switzerland Bond, the Helvetic Bond, the Ancient Bond or simply, The Bond.

The first "treaty" on the bond was written about 1291, it was a mutual assistance treaty between the different regions (cantons) in Switzerland. Here is the original treaty (it was written in Latin and German)

Be it known to every one, that the men of the Dale of Uri, the Community of Schwyz, as also the men of the mountains of Unterwalden, in consideration of the evil times, have full confidently bound themselves, and sworn to help each other with all their power and might, property and people, against all who shall do violence to them, or any of them. That is our Ancient Bond.

Whoever hath a Seignior, let him obey according to the conditions of his service.

We are agreed to receive into these dales no Judge, who is not a countryman and indweller, or who hath bought his place.

Every controversy amongst the sworn confederates shall be determined by some of the sagest of their number, and if any one shall challenge their judgment, then shall he be constrained to obey it by the rest.

Whoever intentionally or deceitfully kills another, shall be executed, and whoever shelters him shall be banished.

Whoever burns the property of another shall no longer be regarded as a countryman, and whoever shelters him shall make good the damage done.

Whoever injures another, or robs him, and hath property in our country, shall make satisfaction out of the same.

No one shall distrain a debtor without a judge, nor any one who is not his debtor, or the surety of such debtor.

Every one in these dales shall submit to the judge, or we, the sworn confederates, all will take satisfaction for all the injury occasioned by his contumacy. And if in any internal division the one party will not accept justice, all the rest shall help the other party. These decrees shall, God willing, endure eternally for our general advantage.

The Helvetic Confederation eventually lead to the Existence of the neutral Republic of Switzerland.

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