Do not fear. Things are well. Soon you will have much tο eat!

Your requisition for employment, inked in the name of your mother and the location of your birthing, has been reviewed and accepted by those who speak softly and those who make such acceptances. Please cease all current movings and goings and proceed to transit immediately to begin immediatly your period of employment.

Your job is to pull the lever. { } The lever is very important to be pulld. Your job is also to watch the lights. The lights tell you to move the lever, the important lever. Be watchful and steadfast in your watchings and pullings!


When the light is red none shall pull the lever. You do not pull the lever. The others do not pull the lever. The lever shall not be pulled. If the men who ride atop the rump of four-legged beasts or the men who wear the skin of the earth and cry as night reddily pull the lever, it will not be so.

You will defend the lever from all pullings when the light is red. The lever will not be pulled. You have five fingers. Five fingers make a fist! Vociferating a liturgy of death, you will rise up and deliver a strongest blow across the maw of all who try to pull the lever when the light is red. When finished you will spade a dytch to arrange their body into. The lever will not be pulled. All wont to pull the redlever will be forgotten deep within an ⇓earthy chasm⇓.


When the light is green the machiene is right. When the light is green the lever will be pulled, a stout pullling thrown from the might of the back.

(Heave ho! Heave ho! Heave with force of legs! Ho with might of arms! Heave ho!)

this line has been removed this line has been removed

When the lever is pulled things are well. Have no fear. When levver is pulled on greenlight things are well. In the belly of a great machiene men of tin and slag and bone labor to produce that which is needed by all. Machiene require lever to be pulled. You pull the lever!

(RIN TIN TIN TIN TIN is the sound of cogs and gears and men! PROGRESŠ! Light is again red. Lever shall not be pulled!)


When the light is blue is never. Light is red or green never blue. If you see a light of blue light ferociously sing a ballad of imperilment to notify those who feast verily upon the trunk of men those who know more of such colors. Those will resume pullings of the lever.

Worry not. Blue does not happen but once in many, many pullings. All things are well and much is still to be eaten, by you and all.



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