When Hecuba first noticed the drift she was busy with enrolling new souls into the system, so it didn't really register consciously. Given the extra-temporal nature of the whole soul-registration phenomonology, 'trends', as such, were non-events, as-it-were. Still, there was a definite cumulative motion toward something less than complete abject despair among the souls transcending from spacetime into spacewhen proper. This was a bit of a problem, as continued growth of the spacewhen infrastructure depends on the negative energy brought by the transcenders. Achieving a net energy transfer in moving souls from the 3+1 paradigm to the 4+1 paradigm depends on their utter and pervasive remorse for their conduct in the 3+1 realm, irregardless of whether such remorse is justified or not. It goes without saying that remorse for actions within that realm is a total absurdity. Simply absorbing them unremorsified from 3+1 to 4+1 would be entropic to the extreme. Careful planning has gone into placing the proper messages throughout the 'history' of the 3+1 chronofab to ensure that sufficient and inescapable cognitive dissonance is/was imparted to all sentient 'individuals', such that on transcedance ('death') they will/would carry enough psychpotentio energy to make transdimensional sublimation economically justifiable. In the case of Earth (Sol System 3a), an anomalous but ultimately inconsequential counter-potential for "good" or "positive" psychopotents has arisen for some unexplained reason. These potentia are/were far outweighed by the merest of typical acts, such that they truly have no consequence, even within the 3+1 realm; that they are mentioned at all to those of the 4+1 realm is simply as a matter of curiosity and to explicate the slight variations in psychopotential energies of said transcenders.

As noted, Hecuba perceived the reduced abjection levels and duly noted them in the logs. It was certainly not at all unusual for there to be fluctuations in the angstnorm values, as the primary characteristic of the temporal realm is that moods ebb and flow across the collective consciousness of any given temporal species - this is both a hallmark and the definition of such organisms, of course. What drew Hecuba's full attention was that the marginal utility of processing the transcenders reduced consistently over 'time'. Indeed, projecting graphically across the spacewhen transcendigon, Hecuba saw that an asymptoticum was approaching at a perilous rate.

In her regulotariat-enforced languor, Hecuba perceived the development of the spatiotemporal disharmony and the overall shape of the conflicticum as it would be phenomenalized in 3+ space (and 4+ space, of course) and, so far as temperospatial adumbrates could inflect upon the nontemporal metachrisms of the 4+ space inclusivium are concerned, overshadow the metaphysicalities of the associated paraepimetadisembodimates of the quasitransfluidicoparacrystallates of the nearly 5+1 chromochronicoperiseptiflagellates such that endotheogenticulism came to expurgationally overarchimedialtrificate in the realm of polyamotrystiphanoorgyization.

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