Quite possibly the best greasy American food around, Hector's is quite popular among UNC students. Located in downtown Chapel Hill, North Carolina, it is situated just off the edge of campus, and is within walking distance of all the local bars.

During the day, Hector's is a relatively quiet and relaxed place to grab lunch and watch the pedestrians pass by on the street below. The later it gets, however, the busier the place gets. By ten or eleven at night, it's usually crowded, noisy, and in need of better ventilation. It's a favorite with the 2am crowd, the only real competition being Cosmic Cantina and Time-Out - if you are looking for a late-night snack, be prepared to stand in line.

The food is good and guarunteed to satisfy your desire for grease. Everything is made to order, even the french fries, and if you aren't careful it's quite easy to burn your mouth. I highly recommend the Greek grilled cheese, though the cheeseburger on pita is a favorite as well. If you ever find yourself inebriated and hungry in Chapel Hill, you should definately check it out.

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