Everything in life, it's all a mixture of the two. Your head tells you one thing and your heart another. The defining factor is which one you follow.

Someone once told me that making a decision is just a process that everyone goes through. The actual decision is made seconds after it is originally posed, and the rest of the time you spend just persuading yourself that it's right. Why is it that there is such a reluctance of people to actually choose, to commit?

People can spend months or years worrying about things, getting themselves worked up, just worrying and stressing. In a book, I happened to pick up about an hour ago, by the infamous Dale Carnargie I was told that there are three short steps to getting over this: • Know the facts • Make a Decision • Act on it

As far as I can see, from my own personal experience too, everybody jumps to the second step ignoring the first and trying to get it out of the way as soon as possible. I for one can spend days, months worrying about things. Things that if you sit back and think about, you realise you don't know all the facts about.

So back to the original point - Decisions are hard in the first place. And perhaps a sensible three step plan might work in general. But then along come your feelings, emotions, your heart and make everything so much harder. The facts stare you in the face. Your mind can tell you one thing and your heart tell you the exact opposite.

Take relationships for example. "Love is Blind" - such a great saying, but with truth. Your heart tells you to trust her, to believe everything she tells you, and yet your head there on the other side is cautiously observing all the facts, deliberating over them and coming back with, "Watch out there's something going on here, she's up to something". What do you do?? follow the three step plan and search out the facts?? hire a P.I. to follow her around??

At the end of the day (just to end on a cliche!) you have to go with your heart, it's a delicate thing, easily broken - but you have to risk it. Life is all about risks!! But most importantly, once you've taken that risk/decision put it behind you and STOP worrying!

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