Johnny: MY GOD!! Are you kidding!? I've always dreamed of having super powers!!! This is just too much to resist! I HAVE HEAD-EXPLODY!

From: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #6

Backstory:In the previous issue, Johnny created an elaborate contraption to kill himself. After trying once in each previous issue, Johnny finally kills himself.

Because of some cosmic mix-up, Johnny goes to Heaven. He is told that he's just there on stand-by until they can send him to Hell. While in Heaven, he wanders around to find every soul just sitting in chairs. Johnny asks Heaven's tour guide about this, and he is told that everyone is perfectly happy and content with just sitting.

Johnny thinks that it would be boring, to which the tour guide tells him that all the souls can get up and move around if they want, they just don't want to. They also have powers, highly destructive weapons of the mind, but they don't use them out of respect for each other. She then makes the mistake of telling Johnny that he too has powers.

Johnny:What kind of powers?

Tour Guide:Well... it seems to vary from person to person. No matter what, though, any damage done is immediatley reversed. So you must refrain from the thought of such things, 'lest you explode someone's head.


Johnny then proceedes to explode everyone's head in sight. One of the souls gets agitated and explodes Johnny's head. So on and so forth for a couple pages until the last four panels where Johnny gets sent to Hell.

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