New York, as with life, is only what you make of it.  You can no more take truth from a city than you can from a textbook.

There is no truth without interpretation.

You can sit in your East Village apartment, sitting on the Internet and watching DVDs on your home theater, and the truth for you is that New York is just like anywhere else in the world.

Or, you can go to Central Park, Madison Square Garden, TriBeCa, and the rest...and now perhaps the truth is that there's nowhere else like this city in the world, and that you were nothing before you came here.  Perhaps, if you're feeling especially egotistical, the truth is that the city itself was nothing before you came here.

Then again, maybe the truth is that you think your DVDs sound especially good in New York, or maybe the truth is that you think the Garden has nothing on Fenway Park.

Truth sneaks up on you when you're alone in the dark, or perhaps sleeping in light.  In New York, you're never alone; in New York, the city never sleeps.  New York defies truth.  New York simply is.

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