The ritual that marks the end of Shabbat. It is held on Saturday night, as soon as three stars are visible in the sky (or if overcast, about 50 minutes after the time candles were lit to begin Shabbat). The ritual has three components, the twisted havdalah candle, the spices, and the wine, in addition the saying of prayers. The candle symbolizes the light that God created on the first day of creation, and reminds us of the new week that is beginning. The spice is used to symbollically revive us from the loss of our departing extra soul. When Shabbat comes, we gain an extra soul because of the day's extra holiness, and it leaves when it is over. The wine symbolizes the sweetness of the Sabbath and God's work, and is always used when sanctifying something.

Havadalah marks a turning point, making the distinction between the end of Shabbat and the beginning of the new week. Havadalah is performed in the dark, with the light of the candle as the sole illumination for the room. People usually sing songs and express their hopes for the coming week. In general, it is a very wonderful experience that brings together families and friends, and the songs are very beautiful.

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