Description and History

One of the new-school death metal bands to come out of Northern Europe recently, Hatesphere is a particularly fast-paced quintet from Århus in Denmark. While the band has been the main attraction in a number of metal concerts around Scandinavia, they have also played as a support act for several more notable bands, including Testament, Mayhem and Anathema. Their style is highly technical, driven mainly by the insane pace of the rhythms, combined with the fast, catchy guitar riffs. Unlike most old-school melodic death metal, there isn't a guitar solo in every one of their tracks.

The distant origin of Hatesphere is the high school band Necrosis which formed in 1993, but never quite made it. As is common in metal and rock acts, there was a lot of line-up changes (in Hatesphere's case, all voluntary and on good terms), and when not a single original member of Necrosis was left, the new band decided that a name change was in order. They changed the name to Hatesphere, and released their eponymous debut album under the Italian label Scarlet Records in 2001. They are heavily inspired by the Swedish school of new death metal, particularly by bands such as At The Gates.

For purposes of cleaning your karma and ridding yourself of any repressed rage that may be polluting it, the author of this node has found that an hour at a Hatesphere concert is equivalent to approximately two hours of deep meditation.


  • Jakob Bredahl (vocals)
  • Peter Lyse Hansen (lead and rhythm guitars)
  • "Ziggy" (lead and rhythm guitars)
  • Morten Toft Hansen (drums)
  • Mikael Ehlert (bass)


  1. Hatesphere (2001)
  2. Blood Red Hatred (2002)

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