Hash Bonbons

The bon Bomb, it's a perfect cure for emotional instability, period!

Begin by clarifying 1 stick of unsalted butter, just melt in sauce pan under gentle heat, then skim the white milk solids that are left floating on top. Take the resulting clarified butter, and add to it 12 grams of crumbled up hash(you can use 1 oz of powdered bud, seedless, instead). Stir the buttery mixture under simmer heat for about a half hour, then screen the mixture though fabric, saving the butter. You can discard the sludge that remains after you have squeezed and filtered the hash butter out. Take the butter and slowly add chocolate powder and powdered sugar to the mix(for one amount of chocolate take two amounts of sugar), along with a few drops of vanilla extract. Add powder til you have a thick consistency, then heat for about ten minutes gently, stirring slowly to make it smooth. Pour the thick substance in tiny cups, to create the chocolates.
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