A great computer game that was spawned in the mid 90s. It was an adventure game where you, some guy, suddenly wakes up in this world. It's a 50s-ish world that is full of horror. This is not an original idea but I think this game took it to a new level (at least for computer games). The atmosphere of the game was really surreal (Atmosphere is pretty much the only reason I play adventure games anymore). There was a baby that lived in a house full of wasps. There was a huge creepy house in the middle of a pristine-looking town. The game had (even for back then) terrible quality computer-generated movies but they got the message across. I remember two distinctly. There was one of this house full of satanic wasps. One of the satanic wasps was raping a spider (Something you'll probably never see ever again). Also, a baby that just takes a huge tarantula and just eats it. This game disturbed me to a point that I just stopped playing it. I would play it now so that I can disturb and mess up my brain in order to think more creatively but damn, I can't find a copy anywhere.

A great restaurant chain in the UK. Old style restaurants which serve flame grilled food. Not flame grilled as in horrible nasty Burger King painted on flame grill flavouring-really flame grilled, with fire.

Their mainstay is the Combine Harvester, which contains ribs, wings, onion rings, corn on the cob, chips, and plenty more...just about everything any aspiring Homer Simpson could wish for. All marinated, for about GBP20. It's expensive compared to some of the restaurants' other fare, but goddamn is this something everyone should sample at least once. They serve smaller, weedy stuff like burgers and mini-Combine Harvesters, but it's just not the same, is it?

Although Harvester don't seem to have a website, a look in any local phone book should help.

Har"vest*er (?), n.


One who harvests; a machine for cutting and gathering grain; a reaper.

2. Zool.

A harvesting ant.


© Webster 1913.

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