Sir Harry Secombe was a comedian, born in 1921, the son of a travelling salesman. He was the kind of student that was good at English and bad at mathematics. So it was natural that he should leave Dynevor School to become a pay clerk with Baldwins in Swansea, Wales.

In 1939 he joined the 321 Gun Battery in WWII before he turned 18. And then in 1943 he first met Spike Milligan when Spike's gun fell off a cliff face above Harry. Spike apparently shouted down from the cliff 'Anyone seen a gun?' and Harry replied with "What colour?".

In 1946 when Harry returned home he found that his house had been bombed so he got a new home in Uplands, Swansea. It was there that he met Myra, his wife to be. Two years later they married and in 1949 they had their first child: Jennifer.

Improvising around scripts written by Milligan, Harry, Spike and Peter Sellers performed at The Grafton Arms, a pub kept by the writer Jimmy Grafton, the Goons were born and 'The Goon Show' began on radio in 1951. The Goon Show then became one of the more popular radio shows ever.

During his life he wrote two novels, 'Twice Brightly' in 1974 and 'Welsh Fargo' in 1981 as well as a book of short stories and an autobiography, 'Arias and Raspberries'.

He was also knighted in 1981.

Unfortunately, Harry came down with prostate cancer and died on Wednesday the 11th April 2001. His spirit lives on!

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