The Harman / Kardon (HK) DVD1 is an excellent DVD player. The only downside is that some of them have a faulty drive system, which makes it somewhat noisy. If you can hear the disc spin while in playback mode, return it and demand a new player. Don't take any crap from the salesman.

Onward to the hack.

  • To make the player change region, enter the following sequence on the remote control while the player is in suspended mode (Amber coloured LED):
    (Where x is the the number of the region you want it to emulate. Region 0 will make it region free).
  • If you entered the code right, the player will power up and read "Hello" in the display.
  • Turn off the player with the power button (Not the standby button) and turn it on again. The player will now report the region you entered to the disc. It will stay in the region last entered until you change it back.

Just one more thing. If you set it in region 0, some DVDs will not play due to security countermeasures on the disc. The safest bet is to emulate the zone for each record.

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