In 1991, the second in Rykodisc's collections of early Devo, Hardcore Devo, Vol. 2: 1974-1977 was released. Hardcore Devo Vol. 2 contains a whopping 21 songs. All of the tracks have been unavailable in any legit form until this release. Several tracks, however, were re-recorded or re-used by Devo over the years. The opening track, the instrumental Booji Boy's Funeral was sung as Tunnel Of Life as an encore on the 1980 Freedom Of Choice tour. Clockout would be re-recorded for Duty Now For The Future, and Working In A Coal Mine would also get re-recorded for the soundtrack to Heavy Metal. U Got Me Bugged was recorded with a new vocal track for the soundtrack to the game Devo Presents: Adventures Of The Smart Patrol. Be Stiff would also be re-recorded as a single for (who else) Stiff Records, becoming their unofficial anthem. Finally, All Of Us evolved into the track Going Under on the album New Traditionalists.

The tracks on Hardcore Devo Vol. 2 are much rawer, and more raunchy. I Need A Chick closes with a sample from a porno film ("Oh, your dick feels great!"), Chango is quite possibly their most offensive song, and its synthesizer solo was used as a bridge in the first performance of Whip It in 1979. Fraulein uses Raymond Scott's Powerhouse as a base for lyrics about working in a gas station. The remaining songs are equally mysoginistic, absurd, and darkly humorous. Three tracks from this era, Bamboo Bimbo, I Need A Chick, and I Been Refused were performed in 1988 at a special show as "Three Dirty, Tasteless Songs". (See Josh Interviews DEVO for more information.) I Been Refused was also performed at the 2001 private TechnoDevo show. (A bootleg of this exists, and can be acquired through

Hardcore Devo Vol. 2 is, sadly, out of print. It was released only on Rykodisc in 1991, in a green jewel case. The cover is a photo of Devo wearing fake breasts, and 3D Glasses. While there is enough material for a Hardcore Devo 3, or 4, Rykodisc released only one more collection of Devo rarities, Devo Live: The Mongoloid Years.


  1. Booji Boy's Funeral (Instrumental)
  2. Can U Take It?
  3. Bamboo Bimbo
  4. A Plan For U
  5. The Rope Song
  6. Goo Goo Itch
  7. Be Stiff
  8. All Of Us
  9. Baby Talkin' Bitches
  10. I Need A Chick
  11. U Got Me Bugged
  12. Chango
  13. Fraulein
  14. Dogs Of Democracy
  15. 37
  16. Bottled Up
  17. Working In A Coal Mine
  18. I Been Refused
  19. Fountain Of Filth
  20. Clockout
  21. Let's Go

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