In 1979, Devo released the followup to Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, entitled Duty Now For The Future. The sound of Duty Now brought the electronics closer to the forefront of the sound, but still not quite the focus. Indeed the album is more of an experiment in merging guitar and synthesizer sounds into a cohesive whole. For most songs, it works well, for others, not quite as much.

The album was released with two covers, one for the US, and one for Europe. The European cover was a clip-art image of a sillouetted man looking up, with images of scientific equpment at his side. The American cover, however, was covered in bar codes, a commentary on Devo's own commercialization. (Indeed, this was the first album to contain a flyer to buy Devo merchandise.)

The album was not as big of a success as Q? A!, selling only 250,000 copies to Q? A!'s 500,000. However it contains some of Devo's best loved songs, including the scathing cover of Johnny Rivers' "Secret Agent Man", and the bizarre pop song styled "The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise". The album also has Devo's only epic track, the classic Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA. This song would inspire plans for a movie (never made), and the game Devo Presents: Adventures Of The Smart Patrol.

This album is essential listening to any Devo fans, but unfortunately, Warner Bros. has let it go out of print. Infinite Zero rereleased the album in 1994 with two bonus tracks, but alas this too has fallen out of print. If you can track it down, the Infinite Zero release is the version to get. Hopefully Warner will pull its head out of its ass and put this classic back on the shelves of your local record store.


  1. Devo Corporate Anthem
  2. Clockout
  3. Timing X
  4. Wiggly World
  5. Blockhead
  6. Strange Pursuits
  7. S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)
  8. Triumph Of The Will
  9. The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise
  10. Pink Pussycat
  11. Secret Agent Man
  12. Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA
  13. Red-Eye Express
    Infinite Zero Release Bonus Tracks:
  14. Soo-Bawlz
  15. Penetration In The Centerfold

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