Facts about Harald Eia:

Full name: Harald Eia
Born: 9th of february 1966
Height: 183 cm
Shoesize: 43 (EUR)

Harald is often described as the funniest man in Norway. His antics are well known in this cold country, and his is a truly creative person.


His first appearance on TV was in 1987, when he played a comic poor kid who had to deliver papers each morning and evening to make the ends meet. Too bad he had a flaming allergy towards paper ink, but it was funny. Harald has a masters degree in sociology (The title of his thesis was "Suffering leaders and competent cynicists; the symbolic struggles of the buisnessmen"), a BA in philosophy, a major in comp sci and mathematics. Harald was nordic champion in theatre sports in 1994. Today he is married to actor Anne Rygh whom he met in his TV show Lille Lørdag. He lives in Ullevål Hageby, next to my childhood home. Yay.

The road to fame:

Everything was quiet until Harald met Bård Tufte Johansen in 1992. Harald was a host on the youth show "U: Natt" ("U: Night"), and Bård was working as a civil worker (A person who don't want to participate in the military draft system but serves his duty in a goverment operation like a kindergarden or in this case, the state TV channel.). Bård convinced Harald to try out a concept called "Bårds Mono TV", where Bård carried a helmet with TV-cameras and small mixer in his belt. He went around and interviewed different people.

Harald and Bård got very close. They worked in "U" (The youth department of NRK) doing different things, but it soon got boring. Eventually, they started to sketch out a new TV show with Marit Åslein. This show was a totally new concept on TV.

Lille Lørdag ("Little Saturday", used to describe the wednesday since people party like it's saturday.) was a monumental success in Norway. Kids all over the country tried to imitate the different characters in the skits, the Christian Coalition for Pure Airwaves shat their pants and yelled at them, but mostly people could not get enough of them. Lille Lørdag ran for three seasons before Bård and Harald took a break.

Harald and Bård went to USA to pick up some new vibes. They adopted some tricks from Conan O'Brien Show, but gave it a very close to home twist. They also gave the show a rougher edge. This show was called Åpen Post, or "The free zone" in English. They continued the trend from Lille Lørdag, and then some.
Even today, people (Five years after) talk about the moment Harald described the alternative erotic zone "Skrukken" ("Skrukkete" is Norwegian for wrinkly, "skrukken" means "the wrinkly thing") or in other words, the area between the asshole and the ball sack. He then continued to show his erotic zone to the TV camera. It should be noted that my ex's father nearly choked on a bun he ate when he saw his, a very representative image for how surprised the audience was.

Now, Harald and Bård have their third season of Åpen Post, and they are as loved and hated as ever. Harald has slowed down a bit, since he has become a father of two children. Since 1994 he and his theatre team has won the nordic theatre sports championship two more times.

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