Hannah Starkey is a Belfast born artist, who lives and works in London. She is a fairly recent art school graduate who was shortlisted for the Citibank Photographic Prize 2001.
Starkey takes photographs of young women at insignificant moments in their day - waiting around outside a cafe, choosing a video, getting ready for going out, looking sulkily at their mother , looking in the mirror in the girl's toilet - but the images encapsulate each specific moment beautifully.
The artist actually uses professional actresses chosen to play the role required for the photograph. Each image is concieved as a mise en scene, a commentary on the everyday life of young women. The images are very female in their subject and construction, and somewhat melancholic, but they are "informed by her own experiences of a woman living and working in a cosmopolitan city", which is perhaps why I was so particularly touched and drawn in by them.

You can see some of her work at

www.bava.com/html/eng/award/award/h_starkey_large.html and

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