The middle class suburb of Hampton Hill lies 15 miles south west of central London, 51'25N, 0'21W.

Hampton Hill is shaped like an arrowhead pointing South. Its borders are the A311, A312 and A313.

If you were to keep walking in the direction that the arrow is pointing, you would soon find yourself on the banks of the Thames. If you crossed the Thames - there is a regular ferry (cost : 70p) - and kept walking, you would reach East Molesey, followed by Esher, the North Downs, the South Downs, the English seaside, France, Spain, Morrocco, Mauritania, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

There is no hill in Hampton Hill. There is a beautiful park, called Bushy, filled with deer, and a long winding river, called the Longford. But there is no hill.

The Longford River winds out of Hampton Hill, through Bushy Park, to a royal palace called Hampton Court. Henry VIII lived here. He would go out, into the park, and slaughter deer for fun. The deer of Bushy Park are no longer slaughtered for fun, but remain vigilant.

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