Hadaka Matsuri ("The Naked Festival") is a Shinto tradition celebrated for more than 1200 years in Inazawa, Japan. The festival kicks-off when one "lucky" man is chosen as the Shin-Otoko ("The Naked Man"). He shaves off all the hair on his body and then sets off through town, bare-ass naked. Around 10,000 men crowd the streets to await his arrival. When The Naked Man walks by, the men are eager to touch him, in order to pass onto him all the "evils" of the community and to gain luck for the coming year. By the end of the day, The Naked Man has been trampled upon, jumped on, and pummeled. He is bruised and battered. He pays his respects to the Kounomiya Shrine, puts on his clothes, and is banished from the town. Gee, what a lucky guy! Hadaka Matsuri will be celebrated this year on February 5.

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