HMS Ocean is an Ocean class Amphibious Assault Helicopter Carrier and Landing platform.

She is based upon the Invincible class. However she dosnt have a ski jump due to being optimised for helicopter operations.

Although intended as a amphibious assault heicopter carrier she has the capability to handle both of the Harrier varients (FA2 & GR7).

In her Landing platform role she would carry a full complement of Royal Marines and their vehicles (though not armoured vehicles which are too heavy)plus 4 landing craft.

She was built by VSEL in their Barrow-in-Furness yards (outfitting) and Kvaerner in their Govan yards (Hull). She was finished 30th September 1998 . Her flight deck recognition letter is O

Her stats are as follows.

Displacement: 21758 tons
Length: 203.4m
Beam: 34m
Draught: 6.6m

Engines: 2 Crossley-Pielstick PC2 Mk 6 series diesels
Shafts: 2
SHP: 24000
Speed: 19 knots
Range: ?

Ship's Complement
Ship's Company: 256
Aircrew: 180
Royal Marines: 850

Vulcan Phalanx 20mm (CIWS):3
DS-30B/GCM 30mm (AA): 4

Air/Surface Search: Type 996
Navigation: Type 1007

18 Max including Chinooks, Sea Kings and Merlin varients

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