Guy Clark was born in Monahans, Texas and was raised mostly by his grandmother. Many of his songs are about his childhood in Texas.

In the 60's he moved to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Quickly tireing of Southeren California, he moved to Nashville. there he passed around tapes of his music, and eventually scored a deal with RCA. His first album "Old No. 1" came out in 1975. One more album was realsed on RCA; "Texas Cookin'", before moving to Warner Bros. for his next three albums.

After 1989's "Old Friends" Clark label skipped, untill 1997's "Keepers" which he released on Sugar Hill. His newest album "The Dark" was released recently in 2002 with great acclaim.

Editors Note: Guy Clark died on May 17, 2016 following a lengthy battle with lymphoma.

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