Gundam Battle Assault is a playstation game that allows you to fight as many different mobile suits from every Gundam series made. The story mode involves Heero Yui battling other mobile suit pilots to stop them from starting another war.

Mobile suits that I remember from the game: Wing Gundam, Z Gundam, ZZ Gundam, GP-02A, Sazabi, Acguy, Quin-Mantha, The-O, Zaku II, Zeong, Hy-Gogg, Qubeley.

There are other suits that you fight (bosses and such) that you can use once you beat the game. Graphically the mobile suits are made up of many rotating images. It makes it look like they're made of paper, but for the most part the effects are quite good. Anyone used to something like Street Fighter or the like will feel like they're trudging through mud with the enormous robots, though. I liked it.

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