Former Home Office Minister in the last Conservative UK government under Michael Howard. Currently Conservative Shadow Home Secretary

Probably the most right-wing mainstream politician in the UK today, she is vehemently pro-capital punishment (though how she squares this with her very public Catholicism she won't say), utterly anti-abortion under any circumstances, supported a zero tolerance approach to marijuana until it was revealed that the majority of her Shadow Cabinet colleagues had smoked it in the past, and supports an even tougher line on immigration than the current administration. However, she does break with Conservative orthodoxy in that she supports a ban on fox hunting.

She retains some popularity because most of the press coverage about her has concentrated on her ugliness, her virginity and the fact that she refuses to watch TV, rather than on the fact that she is an idiot (that is not a statement that people holding the views above are necessarily idiots, but Miss Widdecombe is less capable of stringing together a coherent argument than any other politician I've seen). In her defence however, she is one of an increasingly small number of politicians who do have principles.

She also wrote a novel, The Clematis Tree (2000) of which the most favourable review I've heard is Ian Hislop's comment that it was 'better than reading a book by Edwina Currie'.

The Tory Shadow Home Secretary under William Hague from 1999 on. Her undeniably rather frightening appearance has been more of an issue than is strictly fair; her far right wing authoritarian views are at least as scary. Her lowest moment came after the 2000 Conservative Party conference, when she announced a policy of zero tolerance for cannabis users, with immediate fines for anyone caught with the herb. The policy was denounced by all the other political parties, many Conservatives, the media establishment and even the police; subsequently about half of the Shadow Cabinet admitted to smoking ganja in their youths, and one even admitted he enjoyed it. The policy was soon dropped.

A devout Christian, she converted to Catholicism in 1993 in protest against the Church of England's decision to allow women priests; her religion evidently informs her views on many things. Unusually for such a right-winger, she supports an outright ban on fox hunting.

Ann Widdecombe is the MP for Maidstone & The Weald, enjoying a comfortable majority of 10,318 after the last election. Her future in the Shadow Cabinet is uncertain following the Conservative Party's second crushing General Election defeat and the resignation of William Hague immediately afterwards. Her web page, the Widdy Web (seriously, that's what it's called!) is at

Anne Widdecombe otherwise known as the Badly Drawn Bigot of British politics. Reasonably fascinating to watch in action. Frightening though it is, she's a brilliant speaker, albeit rather fascist. Most of Widdecombe's rants appear to stem from her ardent Catholisism. Major refusal to accept lifestyles, soft drugs or anything other than worshipping Christ and the Conservative Party.

Despite rumours that she was 'a bit of a looker' in her university days, Widdecombe has been nicknamed Doris Karloff due to her frightening mug.

Had the piss taken out of her mercilessly in a Victoria Wood Christmas special last year whereby she was described as Biddecombe

She's also a complete cunt.

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