Numida meleagris or the common domestic guinea fowl is originally descended from a wild species found on the coast of Africa, the guinea hen is just recently domesticated, relatively speaking, and will revert to their wild nature if left to fend for themselves.

The Guinea Hen is also called the Pearl Hen, for the small dots on their fine feathers. Guinea Hens are availible in many colors such as, white, lavender and purple.

Guinea Hen’s are also noted to taste very good indeed. The meat is leaner and drier than chicken.

My dad used to raise Guinea Hens when I was a kid. Their eggs have a darker yolk, almost orange, than chicken eggs and they have a very rich flavor. The eggs are smaller than a chicken egg. One Guinea Hen weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and will serve two or three people. Young guinea hens are known as keets.

Guinea Hens are noted “watch birds” and will raise a raucous cry if any stranger comes around.

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Grilled Guinea Hen A La Diable

Guinea Hen A La Castillane

Breast of Guinea Hen Au Genievre

Roast Guinea Hen

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